Ghibli Museum, Mitaka(16)

A Towering Pine Marks the Terrace of the Cafe.


CAFESurrounded by some of Mitaka's rare red pines and set off against the bright orange wall and red window frames of the building that houses it, the deck of the Straw Hat Cafe provides you with an open outdoors atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the natural setting of Inokashira Park. There is a washstand decorated with colorful tiles just to the side of the Cafe deck so you can wash your hands before mealtime.


The Cafe serves both cold and hot meals, snacks and desserts. The menu is simple and the variety is limited, but almost everything comes from organic farms, is very fresh and nutritious, and we cook them with loving care and patience. We specially recommend the jumbo fried pork cutlet sandwich, the fruit sandwich, and the strawberry short cake. From the "to go" menu, there are ultimate hot dogs, gelato and soothing roasted barley tea.

Experience the changing seasons and enjoy the slow passing of time at the Cafe after your visit to the museum.

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