Ghibli Museum, Mitaka(19)

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka


An Old-Fasioned Hand-Pump Well


A cozy patio is located between the Museum and the Cafe. 

Surrounded by tiled roofs and colorful flowers, the space is full of sunshine. 

Looking up from here, you see the vivid orange walls of the Cafe. 

There is a hand-pumped well in the central gazebo. If you pump it hard, you will be rewarded with fresh, cool water from the well. 

The well is set in an area full of specially handcrafted ornaments and designs, including a metal hatch cover that looks like a smiling face. 

Just nearby, stacks of firewood are stored in front of a rustic shed. 

When winter comes, the firewood can be winched up to the floor above and used to fire the wood-burning stove in the cafe. 


You may even encounter some of our staff chopping firewood.


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