Hello Kitty Japanese style Wafuku

hello kitty is Omotenashi.



Omotenashi in English " hospitality " .


The " hospitality " includes, but is is a word that is also used as a Japanese ,

In fact , in Japanese and English , nuance are a little different .


Japanese of " hospitality " is

As a service of the hospitality industry such as hotels and restaurants

It is often used for " Omotenashi " ,

Hospitality of English ,

Against customers who came by the house

Image of " hospitality " is I'm strong .


Native , to visit someone's home ,

The treated to dinner and a meal tea ,

When you go home let me spend a good time ,

Thank you for your hospitality.

It is the complaint of that is determined .



You when you " hospitality " customers

Let's introduce some of the English language that can be used .


In English " Welcome "

Thanks for coming.

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