Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2014

In a garden and an open-air museum in Tokyo, we will hold large-scale tea ceremonies bringing together a number of tea schools, and introduce the culture of tea and the Edo-Tokyo culture which nurtured it to people from Japan and other countries. 

Events including Nodate, an outdoor tea ceremony under the autumn sky and a Tea ceremony workshop for beginners, in addition to a full-scale tea ceremony, will make the "culture of tea" more accessible and enjoyable for people from overseas and those unfamiliar with the tea ceremony. 

At the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, we are increasing the number of tea ceremony locations so that even more people can experience the "culture of tea". 




Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, Hama-rikyu Gardens




Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum:Sep. 27(Sat) & 28(Sun), Hama-rikyu Gardens:Oct. 11(Sat) & 12(Sun), 2014


Cha-seki;Indoor Tea Ceremony

Nodate;Outdoor Tea Ceremony

Nodate;Outdoor Tea Ceremony in English

Nodate;Outdoor Tea Ceremony by high school students

Tea Ceremony for Beginners


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