Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2014

Until Sun Nov 16, 2014 Kagurazaka area

Come and experience a variety of traditional performing arts in Kagurazaka!


We are very happy to inform you that we will hold the event “Kagurazaka Street Stage/O-edo Tour 2014” again this year. This project aims to introduce a variety of traditional performing arts representing Japan, to many people regardless of generations, in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable way. It also showcases the charms of Kagurazaka, a traditional and cultural town resonant with a mixed atmosphere of Old and Modern Tokyo as well as a sense of sophisticated Paris.

Artists from a new face to a veteran, of a wide variety of field and active on the front lines of traditional performing arts, will get together and show you unique performances, with the support by the local people. Any visitor, who is unfamiliar with traditional performing arts, one in younger generation, or a guest from overseas, will surely enjoy those programs.

Last year we had thirty thousand guests enjoyed our program, this year we will have more. In the “Eve” event, the artists who have close tie with Kagurazaka will show you special performances, and in the “Main Festival” a performing art group from Toyama who inherits Edo culture will join us. Please come and enjoy the two days of festival and share a sense of Japanese traditional performing arts in Kagurazaka, where such tradition still exists in life today.

Charms of Kagurazaka

In the 17th century, Kagurazaka was developed as a residential district for “Samurai” soldiers, along the main street that connected the Edo castle and a noble soldier’s residence. Since then it also has been a district of performing arts with traditional music instruments, where a number of culturati loved and lived. The Karyukai * was born here at the end of the Edo period, and became so flourished in the following decades. Especially in the early Showa period (1925 -mid 1930s), the district had some department stores lined up and was so called “Ginza of Yamanote,” meaning another top commercial district on hillside.

*Karyukai: A society or physical district of Geisha Ladies – who have trained manners and skills of traditional music and dancing, and Ryotei - where Geisha Ladies show traditional performances over Japanese course dinner.

The district was completely destroyed by the air raids in the WW II, but rather quickly restored its prosperity in the 1960s. In recent years, the Karyukai has scaled down, yet we still find the steady sense in the district of Ryotei where stone-paved alleys and black-board walls are laid out, with the sounds of shamisen, a traditional music instrument, flowing over. At the same time Kagurazaka hosts many French residents and restaurants that creates atmosphere of somewhat like in back alleys in Paris, adding another charm. Such diversity, harmony of old and new, attracts many people.

Main Festival

Having the special “RAKUZA” stage at Bishamonten as the center, many events will be on throughout Kagurazaka, including street performances, dances and traditional parlor games by geishas at Kenban, and Stamp Rally where participants enjoy walking in/around the district. Enjoy the sense of Japanese culture in Kagurazaka, full in harmony of tradition, modern and humanity.

Kagurazaka RAKUZA

Traditional performing art groups related to the history of Kagurazaka, and Japanese traditional music players creating new and stylish images of Kagurazaka will play on the Rakuza stage at Bishamonten. Those new to traditional performing arts will surely enjoy the performances too.

When November 16 (Sun), 2014

First Part: 12:30-14:10, 

Second Part: 14:30-16:10

Where Special Stage in the front field of Bishamonten

Performer and Program Yushimatenjin Shiraumetaiko Hozonkai (Japanese drums), 

Curt & Bruce (Koto Japanese harp & Shakuhachi Japanese flute), 

AKI & KUNIKO (Guitar & Koto Japanese harp), 

Houtetsu Kai (Johana folk performing art of Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture), 

and Tosha Mai (Japanese flute)

Admission Free, reservation not required

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