Akasaka Blitz

Akasaka Blitz

TBS Television aims to ‘unite television, live performance and entertainment all in one place’. 

Akasaka Blitz is the live house portion of this epic project. 

Blitz first opened in 1996 as a mid-size Tokyo venue for both domestic and international acts that has seen a multitude of performances in the years since. In 2003, the redevelopment of the vicinity and Blitz was put on hiatus. 

Opening again with comparable interiors in March 2008, the first floor standing space can accommodate up to 1,147 people, along with another 150 up on the second floor. 

The venue also has direct access to Akasaka station, making it incredibly convenient and easy to find – giving it an edge over many other live houses.

Akasaka 5-3-2

Tokyo, Japan

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