2015 September Monthly Candy Snack BOX (Premium Monthly Plan)

Mointhly Candy & Snack Box 2015 September version Sale Start!!

Made in Japan Snack and Candy Box (2015 September )


2015 September Monthly Candy Snack BOX
Premium Monthly Plan

(1) Nestle Kitkat (The delicious baked) Cheese cake taste (Mini 13 bar)
(2) Xylicrystal Nodoame Milk Mint Flavor Hard Candy(63g)
(3) Yamayoshi WASA BEEF (Potato Chips) (55 g)
(4) Calbee Jagabee ( Butter soy sauceTaste ) (40g)
(5) LOTTE carefully Toppo green tea taste
(6) LOTTE Chocolantan Caramelize of apple
(7) Morinaga Nama Ramune Gummy Candy 27g
(8) Yaokin Sankaku Crackers (Triangle Crackers) (Nori Salt Taste)

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