Kit Kat Japan-limited Sweet Potato Chocolate Bag 13 MiniBar

❤  Kit Kat Japan-limited

❤  Sweet Potato taste (The Delicious Baked)

❤ Chocolate Bag 13 MiniBar kitkat 

A Kit-Kat that you cook!

it’s Sweet Potato!  

The illustration of the toaster oven also makes it clear that these Kit Kats are meant to be baked.

These Sweet Pottao flavor snacks transform in a toaster oven becoming caramelized and utterly delicious!

Cooking preprations are as follows:

1. Chill your Kit-Kat bars in the fridge for an hour.

2. Lay out some aluminimum foil on a baking tray.

3. Place your opened Kit-Kats on the foil and bake for 120 seconds or until they start to brown.

Each bag contains 13 individually wrapped Kit-Kat Bars.

Number : 13 bar

Brand: Kitkat


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