NEW! Kracie Happy Kitchen"Taiyaki and Odango" 

New! Kracie Happy Kitchen"Taiyaki and Odango" 

新商品 知育菓子 たいやき&おだんご

i made Kracie's new DIY candy making kit Happy Kitchen"Taiyaki and Odango".

we can make ichigo daifuku,mitarashi dango,taiyaki,and ramune drink easily using this kit.

they are Wagashi(traditional Japanese sweets) shaped candies,taste are strawberry,chocolate,mitarashi source,and chocolate pancake,and ramune drink;)

contents of this kit

strawberry powder(red package)

mochi powder(blue package)

taiyaki powder(yellow package)

chocolate cream powder(blown package)

mitarashi source powder(purple package)

ramune drink powder(emeraldine package)

ramune cup

stick for dango



※microwave time(500W) is 40secs

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