Calbee Plus Olive oil Potato chips Anchovy garlic taste

Calbee Plus Olive oil Potato chips

Anchovy garlic taste

Thickly cut potato chips deep fried with olive oil only. The aromatic flavor of rich and anchovy 's rich flavor makes it perfect for snacks and snacks of alcohol.

It is a product that proposes mainly women who care about health and materials.

It is also recommended for souvenirs for friends as well as for home.


Because the potato cut into thick cuts is thoroughly fried at low temperature, there is eating honesty with a crispy texture, the taste of anchovies and the fragrant flavor of garlic are also good with liquor.



Contents 104 g (26 g × 4 bags)


Raw material name Potato (not genetically modified), olive oil, glucose, salt, whey powder (dairy products), anchovy powder, (including fish sauce (including fishes and shellfish)), garlic powder, protein hydrolyzate, sugar, dextrin, black Pepperpa


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