Calbee Plus Olive oil Potato chips Raclette Cheese Flavor

Calbee Plus Olive Oil Potato Chips Raclette Cheese Flavor

Deep fried thick cut potato chips with zakkuri texture of olive oil alone


The richness and saltiness reminiscent of raclette cheese are perfect for snacks and snacks of alcohol.


Olive oil potato chips Anchovy It is recommended to buy with garlic taste and set!

Boxes with taste are cute, even if they are side by side. It is perfect for souvenir.

It is a product that proposes mainly women who care about health and materials.

It is also recommended for souvenirs for friends as well as for home.


Because potatoes cut into thick cuts are thoroughly fried at low temperature, there is eating habit with a crisp texture. It is characterized by a good compatibility with rich in cheese and saltiness with sake.


■ Contents 104 g (26 g × 4 bags)

■ Raw material name Potatoes (not genetically modified), olive oil, dextrin, salt, sugar, whey powder (dairy products), Okara (soybeans), powdered soy sauce (including wheat), yeast extract powder, cheese powder, onion powder, Flavorings, seasonings (amino acids etc.), coloring agents (carotenoids, caramel), sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K)



■ Shelf Life: In Package

■ Preservation method: Please save direct sunlight, avoid high temperature.




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