Kit Kat Japan-limited Adult Sweetness Apple Pie 12 MiniBar kitkat

KIT KAT Mini adult sweetness Apple pie taste (12 pieces) / Kit Kat
JAN code / ISBN code: 4902201174435
Kit Kat Mini Adult Sweetness Apple Pie
This year, adult Halloween!
Kit Kat Mini Adult Sweetness Apple Pie / Sweets /
Brand: KIT KAT /
[Distributor, manufacturer, importer or distributor] Nestlé Japan /
[Kitkat mini adult sweetness Apple pie product details]
● Kitkat emphasizes the balance between the crispness of the wafer, which is the greatest feature, and the chocolate, and uses the most suitable ingredients to achieve a taste suitable for the texture.
● Wafer manufacturing technology and manufacturing methods are highly advantageous features that cannot be imitated elsewhere.
● We are particular about the best texture including the ratio of wafer and chocolate.
● After wafer manufacture, chocolate is molded with chocolate mold.
-The crispy feeling of the kit-cut wafer overlaps with the flavor of apple recreated using apple powder, and the taste of the apple pie spreads as soon as you eat it.
-Coloring Halloween purple, which has been popular on SNS since last year, with beets and gardenia, it will take a picture with a world view unique to Halloween.
-Also sticking to product packaging, it is an expression that emphasizes the feeling of the apple pie while putting out the purple of Halloween



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