Kit Kat Maccha Green Tea Bag 12 mini Bar by Kitkat Nestle

Kitkat mini green tea Whole tea leaves 13 mini bar

In addition to Matcha tea leaves are mixed directly into the dough, and 3 items of Matcha * new product including the highest amount of tea catechin.
(* Sweetness of mattress matcha, sweetness of adults deep green tea, this product)
We include 780 mg (per 13 bags) of "tea catechin", one of the polyphenols attracting attention from health conscious people.

In addition to Matcha tea, by incorporating tea leaf abundantly into the dough, we realized the highest amount of tea catechin (polyphenol) in "Kit Kit" Matcha Series 3 products.
Please enjoy the texture brought by tea leaves and bitter taste.
(* Our company "Sweetness Matcha of Otona"
"Sweetness of adult deep green tea" This product
Contents: 13 mini bar


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