Kit Kat Japan Sake 2018 (9 MiniBar kitkat)

❤  Kit Kat Japan-limited
❤  Premium Japanese Sake
❤ Chocolate Bag 9 MiniBar kitkat 

❤ Nestle Kit Kat Mini Bar Sake Wine flavor 9 pcs Limited ☀ made in Japan ☀   

RAND : Nestle
Commodity Description

Kitakat Japan Sake "collaborated with Toyama's" Masuizumi Izumi "carefully selected under the producer of Hidetoshi Nakada who is focusing on spreading the charm of Japanese traditional industries including sake, etc. to the world.



<Quasi chocolate>

Sake of Mr. Masu Izumi Japanese Story


We used powdered sake of Masuda Izumi of Masuda Shuzo store in Toyama Prefecture, founded in 1893. You can enjoy a mellow rich taste and flavorful taste.

Manufacturer : Nethle Japan
Quantity : 9pcs/1bag
Weight : 11.6g/1pcs
Package size : 7 x 7 x 22cm
Release Date : 01.Feb.2016


Calorie : 64kcal/1pcs (about 11.6g)
Protein : 0.41g
Lipid : 3.6g
Carbohydrates: :7.4g
Sodium : 2-7mg


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