Kit Kat Japan-limited Sweetness of Otona Hojicha12 MiniBar kitkat

Kit Kat Mini Sweetness of Otona Roasted Green Tea HOJICHA(12 sheets) / Kit Kat
JAN code / ISBN code: 4902201174725
Kitkat mini adult sweetness hojicha / deep, authentic, taste of adult hojicha
Kit Kat Mini Adult Sweetness Hojicha / Sweets / Brand: Kit Kat /
[Distributor, manufacturer, importer or distributor] Nestlé Japan /
[Kitkat mini adult sweetness hojicha product details]
● Kitkat emphasizes the balance between the crispness of the wafer, which is the greatest feature, and the chocolate, and uses the most suitable ingredients to achieve a taste suitable for the texture.
● Wafer manufacturing technology and manufacturing methods are highly advantageous features that cannot be imitated elsewhere.
● We are particular about the best texture including the ratio of wafer and chocolate.
 -And by the "crush & spread manufacturing method" which is a characteristic of "sweetness of adults", a unique texture is created by kneading the crushed biscuits uniformly into the roasted tea-flavored dough.
● We realized the taste of “deep and authentic” adults by kneading the fragrance and taste of roasted tea into white chocolate.
● Please enjoy the fragrance and taste.


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