Kit Kat Japan-limited Variety Party Box 60MiniBar kitkat

Kitkat Variety Party Box 60 pieces (KITKAT chocolate)
JAN code / ISBN code: 4902201175098
Kitkat Variety Party Box / Assorted to enjoy 20 types of kit cuts
Kitkat Variety Party Box / Sweets /
Brand: Kitkat /
[Distributor, manufacturer, importer or distributor] Nestlé Japan /
[Product details of Kitkat Variety Party Box]
● Assorted products that allow you to enjoy 20 different flavors of kit cuts.
-There are a lot of "local kit cuts" that are not usually available, and it is a perfect product for parties that everyone can enjoy.
-Set contents 5 kit cuts, 5 sweetness of adults, 5 sweetness of adults, 5 sweets of adults, 5 sweetness of adults, 5 sweetness of adults, 4 sweetness of strawberries, 4 sweets of adults 4 nuts & cranberries, 4 daily nuts & cranberries ruby, 2 sake sakes, 2 plum wines, 2 tamaruya wasabi, 2 Shinshu apples, 2 lamb raisins, 2 strawberry cheesecake flavors, azuki 2 sand flavors, 2 Ito Kumemon Uji matcha teas, 2 Ito Kemon Uji hoji teas, 2 fir rice cakes, 2 Amaou rice cakes, 2 red potatoes


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