Kit Kat Japan-limited Yokohama Harbor Maron 9 MiniBar kitkat

KItkat Yokohama Harbor Maron
JAN code / ISBN code: 4902201174800
With the famous confection “Ariake Yokohama Harbor” representing the port city of Yokohama
Collaboration "Kitkat Mini Ariake Yokohama Harbor Maron Flavor"
In the sand cream between the wafers, knead malon powder and kojian powder,
By wrapping in chocolate with a melon-flavored chocolate, the soft taste unique to “Yokohama Harbor Double Maron” is reproduced with “Kit Kat”.
In addition to the original illustrations familiar at Ariake Yokohama Harbor,
A cute design that looks like a “Kit Kat” logo with a navigator hat.
Individual packaging package is the first in history and origin of Yokohama
It is a fun design with “Yokohama Mini Mini Quiz”.


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