Meiji Amino Collagen Beaute x2 (50 tablets 25 days)

100 % Authentic!
 For people who seek extreme beauty!!  

It is a beauty supplement for shiny every day with the tension 
Tablet of the ingredients that specializes in beauty
I combine haste type superabsorbent collagen, CoQ10, hyaluronic acidroyal jellyvitamin E, vitamin C, arginine 
About 25 days six tablets/a day

• Ingredients:

Fish collagen peptide (gelatin), maltitolcoenzyme Q10, vitamin E-containing vegetable oilmodified starchdried royal jellycellulose, VC, silicon oxidestearic acid Ca, hydroxypropyl celluloseargininehyaluronic acidbrightening agent 
 Nutritional Informationsize 6 main nutritional components (standard 1.7g) per (compared to our analytical value)energy 7kcal protein 1.1g fat 0.1g carbohydrate 0.36g sodium 7.8mg Vitamin C 50mg Vitamin E 8mg collagen1000mg Coenzyme Q10 60mg royal jelly 10mg (raw equivalent) arginine 100mg 
 Contents: 150 grains


MEIJI Amino Collagen


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