Meiji Amino Collagen Starter kit 90g

Meiji Amino collagen starter kit 90g
30 Days
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Product Description
Product introduction
You in the joy of beautiful wake up
● What we aimed is a collagen can feel. Want to send the clean of leave for you is "Amino collagen".
● in the "highly active collagen," "milk ceramide" around the "beauty amino acid", compounding the dense beauty ingredients plus the "glucosamine" and "vitamin C".
● moisture want of new cosmetic formulations arrived at after thinking in ... Meiji of many years of research that you want to deliver clean to you is "Amino collagen".
● By continued for 1 cup of the intake per day, collagen powder can feel the moisture effect.
● recommended dose of 1 day by a combination of evolution and other cosmetic ingredients of collagen is halved, the container is also small and compact. Also improve ease has a new shape with constriction of of.
● "melt" of powder and flavor up. Feel free even busy every day, to achieve high quality continued to drink delicious.
● container evolved into replacement ECO pack. Improved labor at the time of refill is, even up the convenience of hygiene. Also improve eco performance that takes the environment into consideration.
● set the contents of the starter kit: a special case, leveling with a private cap, eco-cup replacement (30 days), a dedicated spoon.
● Please be careful to avoid injury, such as cut your hands on the lid of the chopsticks of Akekuchi and eco-cup.
● It may not fit in the body by the constitution and health status. In that case you should stop eating, please consult your doctor or specialist.
● If in hospital, those who are receiving the medication, those who physical condition is not good, please consult your doctor or specialist for ingestion.
● If you allergy caused by food are found, please check the raw materials.
● If the powder is have to as it is mouth, they may choke, please note.
● Please drink immediately after dissolved.
● When dissolved, it is rarely precipitation. This is the milk ceramide of raw materials. Because the quality is not a problem, please enjoy and mix well.
● Because we use natural origin of the raw materials, you might have to create a color change, but the quality is not a problem.
Meiji Amino Collagen


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