Rohto SHINRYOKUSUI Eye Drops 13ml

Features of the product

Is a calm morning eye discomfort, clean nice piercing feeling. 

Waste products accumulated reducing eye, then during the day keeps out certain amount of tears, but tears replaced during sleep, or mucus, or the inflammation from the fatigue of the day. And uncomfortable, but the inflammation, lead to haze or tired.

Roth fresh water was W formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients derived from herbal medicine to quell the inflammation becomes the source of discomfort. A morning if you feel discomfort in the eyes, clean nice Roth fresh water.

Sante FX NEO Eyedrops


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We're selling the eye drops only we can get without prescriptions at a Japanese pharmacy.

However these are all medical supplies.

If you have a medical condition,  you should speak to your physician before taking these products.

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