Sante 40 Plus x 2 piece with 5 Active Ingredients Cooling Eye Drops

❤ Sante 40 Plus with 5 Active Ingredients ❤ Cooling Eye Drops Japanese Eyedrops 2 pcs ☀ Santen JAPAN☀
❤ 40 Plus Eye Drops with 5 Active Ingredients 12ml
❤ Eye Care with 5 Active Ingredients
❤ New and authentic direct from Japan. 
❤ Made by Santen Japan, these eye drops contain 5 key ingredients to help treat tired and itchy eyes whilst protecting against eye disease.  Whilst aimed at people over 40 years old, these are suitable for any age.
Here's the official description from Santen:
In general, overuse of eyes and aging make eyes susceptible to symptoms such as tired eyes and blurry eyes and difficult to recover from these symptoms. For easily tiring eyes, eye care supplementing nutrients such as  vitamins to eyes is important. Sante 40 Plus is an eye drop effective for tired eyes and blurry eyes containing five active ingredients including  nutrients (vitamins and amino acids) to revitalize eye functions. 
Usage:  Apply 1-3 drops in each eye up to 6 times daily. 
Size: 12ml

Language : Japanese 


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We're selling the eye drops only we can get without prescriptions at a Japanese pharmacy.

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