Sante Medical 10 Eye-drops 12ml

[Sainte-Foy medical 10]

In the social evolution of information technology, more and more overworked eyes.

Eye focus adjustment function is decreased under such environment, the tiredness of the eyes (eye fatigue) are more likely.
サンテメディカル 10,
Vitamin B12 works to improve the eye fatigue and ネオスチグミンメチル sulfate in the heart
Five ingredients Max concentration formulations and the working focus control muscles and parasympathetic
Increase the focus adjustment function waned, along with healthy eyes
It is eye drops eye fatigue improvement to promote tissue metabolism.

Our ' Hitomi and healthy ', enjoy living in

Benefits and effects Eyestrain, blurred vision and a lot of mucus like, conjunctival hyperemia, itching,
Eye disease prevention as after swimming, the dust and sweat into your eyes, eye lid Dermatitis (まぶたのただれ),
UV discomfort when wearing hard contact lenses eye caused by other rays such as snow-blinded,
Dosage and administration Eye 1 times 2-3 drops, 1, 5 or 6 times drops to please
Ingredients and quantity Vitamin B12 ( cyanocobalamin ). 0.02%
Methyl sulfate neostigmine. 0.005%
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). 0.05%
Panthenol. 0.05%
L-aspartic acid potassium. 1.0%
Taurine (アミノエチルスルホン acid). 1.0%
Chlorpheniramine maleate. 0.03%
Epsilon-Aminocaproic acid. 1.0%
DIPOTASSIUM glycyrrhizinate. 0.1%
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. 0.03%

As an additive, sodium Edetate, benzalkonium chloride, クロロブタノール, boric acid, is
d-Borneo-Le, the containing l-menthol, pH regulator.
Precautions for use ■ ask
1. Following people who consult physician or pharmacist before using.
(1) those who have received medical treatment
(2) personal or family allergic people.
(3) who have had allergic symptoms by drug
(4) those symptoms:
Extreme eye pain
(5) who next diagnostic
2. In the following cases, stop using immediately and consult your doctor or pharmacist, have this document.
(1) If the following symptoms occur after use,

The relationship between site: symptoms]
Dermatologic: rash, redness, or itching
Eyes: hyperemia, itching, swelling

(2) If blurred vision has not improved
(3) If doesn't improve symptoms also use 5 to 6 days
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Drug storage
And handling precautions
(1) Stopper tightly in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and keep it.
(2) Keep out of children's reach.
(3) Do not swap the other containers.
( or misuse of the quality change. )
(4) Expiry ( outside box ) of do not use expired products.
(5) Once again opening the expiration, even as soon as possible please use.


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