Sante PC Blue Light Drops -12ml

■ Product features 

Care of the eyes by staring, such as personal computers and smartphones for fatigue and damage. 

1, Containing ingredients to promote tissue metabolism of eye damage by staring at the blue light, etc., etc. 

Blend ingredients to improve the focus control features, 2. 

Blend ingredients to protect the cornea and prevents drying of the eye comes from the decrease in blink of an eye by 3, staring at monitors. 

Ingredients formulated by 4, inflammation, itching and redness. 

■ Capacity 

 13 mm 

■ Ingredients

Vitamin B12 0.02%
Sodium chondroitin sulfate ester 0.5%
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 0.1%
ネオスチグミンメチル sulfate 0.002%
Taurine 0.1%
DIPOTASSIUM glycyrrhizinate 0.1%
Chlorpheniramine maleate 0.01%
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.03%

■ Food additives 

Aminocaproic acid, Edetate sodium hydrate, クロロブタノール, geraniol, dextran, hydroxyethyl cellulose, benzalkonium chloride liquid, polysorbate 80, d-camphor, I-mentor, isotonic agent, pH control agents

■ Efficacy and effects 

UV haze of endophthalmitis with other rays, such as snow-blinded ), eye fatigue, conjunctival injection, eye disease prevention as after swimming, the dust and sweat into your eyes, eyes and mucus like, eye irritation, eye lid Dermatitis (まぶたのただれ), hard contact lens wear when discomfort 

Sante FX NEO Eyedrops


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