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Metabolic En Natural Acaiberry Smoothie 170g Powder

Metabolic En Natural Acaiberry Smoothie 170g Powder

Brand : Metabolic Products
Condition : New
1 bag = 170g (Powder)
Made in Japan
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Contents: 170g
  • Calories: Nutritional facts 17g per energy 49.1kc
  • Product Description

    Please check the raw materials, those who are food allergy please do not eat.

    When the powder as it is placed in the mouth, please note that there is a risk of clogged throat.

    Because you are using what part to plant-derived-animal raw materials, color, smell,

    although there are variations in taste, there is no quality problems.

    Excellent not person physical condition, people of middle school students squid,

    diet of pregnant or nursing is not recommended.

    Moreover, since there may not meet the rare constitution, please discontinue the use case.

    If you are disease, such as those who are doing the treatment, such as in the pharmaceutical,

    the treatment and give priority to, in consultation doctor, pharmacist, etc., please Omeshiagari.

    After opening firmly close the opening hole, and store in a cool place, as much as possible as soon as possible, please enjoy.

    Based on the recommended dose of the 1st, please note so as not to overdose.

    You may stomach loose by the amount to become served physical condition or your,

    but that case please adjust to such reduce the amount. The staple diet, main dishes,

    side dishes based on the balance of the meal. Super fruit combined 10 different formulations,

    such as berries, such as acai for those who be aware of the rust no body.

    I have a combination of plant fermentation extract and active enzyme made from such as more than 100 kinds of wild grass.

    Focusing on the inner beautiful blended water-soluble dietary fiber and non-water-soluble dietary

    fiber in the double. Lactic acid bacteria I can even take 200 million pieces.

    (Per 17g) also synthetic preservatives, synthetic physician coloring,

    it is natural faction Powder Supplements of synthetic sweeteners non-use.

    If you enjoy: Please use dissolved in water, such as the 100 ~ 200cc to guide a day 8.5g ~ 17g as a dietary supplement.

It is a popular diet supplement in Japan.

メタボリック エンナチュラル アサイーベリースムージー 170g

  • 原産国:日本
  • 内容量:170g
  • カロリー:栄養成分表示 17g当たり エネルギー49.1kcal、たんぱく質0.26g、脂質0.39g、糖質6.89g、食物繊維8.5g、ナトリウム0.4~40mg/植物醗酵エキス200mg






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