Serena Organic Cotton Puff Size M 200 sheets

❤ Serena Organic Cotton Puff Size M 200 sheets for Cotton Labo ❤ Authentic japan ☀
100% Organic Cotton 
Serena Cotton Labo Organic Cotton Puff Size M
1 sheet : M size : 50 x 60 mm (about 2 x 2.4 inch)
1 pack : 200 Sheets 
Materials : organic cotton 100%
Certification of Organic Exchange
Cotton labo Co.,Ltd. Japan
Made in Japan
Selena Organic CottonPuff Size M is 100% cotton that is grown free from Pesticides and Chemical fertilizers.
Color of original cotton with no bleach process.
Organic Selena Organic Cotton Puff Size M has a very soft touching, which it can be used by wide range of skin types, recommended for those who have delicate skin or sensitive skin.
◆ organic cotton ◆
*With agricultural land that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers more than 3 years.
*Not use Genetically modified seeds.
*The healthy cotton which is produced without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
◆ unbleached ◆
*Not been subjected to bleaching treatment.
*Remain natural appearance of cotton original cream color.
You can see the small grain of cotton surface which is not made bleaching.
Part of the stem and fruit of the cotton is a proof of unbleached.
Environmentally friendly of everyday.
So we think to use 100% organic cotton is wonderful.
You can feel tenderness and natural softness.
And you can be stored in a sanitary manner after opening the package with zipper.


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