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Mail order site of international shipping Recommended Japan

Shop in Japan from comfort of your home.

International Forwarding Service(Tenso)

"Tenso" means Forwarding Service in Japanese.

Most of Japanese shops are not selling products and shipping overseas


We will help your shopping in Japan by the Internet.



Commission Fees

●Purchase agency commission is 20% of the total price of the goods at the time of purchase. The (rounded up fraction, minimum $ 20)

●Even if the purchase, it became canceled for some reason, will be charged the purchase agency commission as fees for work up to it.




  • 購入代行手数料は、購入時の商品代金の合計の20%です。(端数切り上げ、最低$20)
  • 購入後、なんらかの事情でキャンセルになった場合でも、それまでの作業にかかる手数料として購入代行手数料を申し受けます。


Transfer rate

We will ship the item In JAPAN POST.


Pick Up your favorite item from japan website in japan.

Check the name of the shop and products that you would like to purchase, the price.


Request the purchase agency.

An order from the purchase agency request form.

Order of the product  /  The payment of the product price


Japan Mania send the Paypal payment mail.

・Commodity amount of money.

・Japan domestic shipping rates.


・International shipping.

Paypal payment

Basically we can accept Paypal's payment ONLY from Confirmed address.

Could you pay within 2days after.

Purchase agency.


We will purchase products that have been asked of you.

Baggage claim.





International shipping / The arrival of the goods.


SAL       It takes usually 2-4 weeks after shipment. 

EMS      Basically it will take 5-10 business day to arrive from Japan.