ZERO AUDIO ZH-DX210-CB Inner Ear Stereo Headphones CARBO BASSO

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Release Date: 2016-09-23

Model: Dynamic speaker

Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug "L-type"

Code: OFC code 1.2m "Y-type"


Double damping structure (carbon + aluminum housing) 1. Dynamic speakers Fine-tuned drivers mount the powerful. Delicate hi-res sound source a carefree to reproduce faithfully and immersive rich peaked at no. 2. By placing the bus boost port that wearing a virile punching metal to the bus boost port rear enclosure, to play the bass that is deep and powerful. 3. composite reinforced body "Composite housing" lightweight, by adopting a high strength and composite reinforced body "Composite housing" double damping structure of aluminum carved with the carbon fiber with excellent vibration damping characteristics, unnecessary resonance to maximize the performance of the driver unit to suppress the vibration. 4. promoted the selection of the driver unit and component parts stuck to be heard in the clear until the mid-high range in order to compensate for the weak points such as the all-too-common turbidity and muffled the sound development of material beauty lust bass bass emphasis on realistic carbon It was. As a result, we were able to realize the deep bass of clear adult to leave the delicate and elegant image that weaves of carbon. 5. tough and flexible OFC flat code of clear sound transmission and high purity by OFC: adopted (Oxygen Free Copper oxygen-free copper). Reduce the signal transmission loss from the player to the headphones, it was to prevent the deterioration of the sound. By adopting a tough flat code Kosi yet flexible, but also maintaining a sufficient quality in the goodness of the maneuverability of course the luxury of cable surface. Practicality to the connecting portion of the players, has adopted the L-type plug having excellent durability. 6. to prevent the entanglement of prevention slider code entangled adopt a "tangle prevention slider" to reduce the touch noise when you touch the clothes. Prevent cling, stability, but also enhance reliability.



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