Skater Two-stage Lunch Box 630ml with Purse, Chopsticks, Belt Fuku Usagi (Happy Rabbit) Navy Blue BENTO BENTO

❤ Skater Two-stage Lunch Box 630ml with Purse, Chopsticks, Belt Fuku Usagi (Happy Rabbit) Navy Blue BENTO  ❤


2段ランチボックス 630ml 巾着・ハシ・ベルト付 ふくうさぎ 紺


Skater KSX2 630ml Navy Blue 


The following is the production information

Condition: New
Brand: Skater
Manufacturer's part number: KSX2
The set includes: lunch box, chopsticks, belt, drawstring bag
Size: body / 170 × 85 × 90mm, billed / 150mm, drawstring bag / 270 × 170 × 90mm
Weight: body / 210g, purse / 24g
Material: lid, chopsticks / AS resin, body-partition / polypropylene, Shirubuta / EVA resin, drawstring bag / cotton
Capacity: (above) 380ml (below) 250ml


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BENTO BAKO (Traditional lunch box in Japan)

Lunch Item (Bento bako ,Chopsticks Hashi ,, fork, spoon, lunch box etc..)


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